Hello Everyone.

I am just writing to let you know that I decided to continue with my VBeam treatments.

I had one VBeam treatment on October 15th which I dont think helped much. But I again, most people see improvement after a series of VBeam treatments. I have permanent diffuse background redness. When my face is really calm, I can actually see pale dots in the red area which I believe is a result of my VBeam treatment. I wasnt bruised during my first treatment and as far as I know for diffuse redness, bruising is not necessary. However, I m gonna ask my derm to use higher settings.

I am having my treatment tomorrow and I plan to get 4-5 treatments. At Baywood Clinic, around $400 Canadian each. I just hope that I can get at least 50% improvement after all.

I'll keep everyone posted how it goes.