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Thread: The Most Effective Treatments for Rosacea

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    Default Re: The Most Effective Treatments for Rosacea

    Quote Originally Posted by chucky

    what is Melanotan???
    There's a lot posted here on it, you may want to do a search to get the info on it.

    Quote Originally Posted by claudia
    Yoga --- calms system which in turn calms skin and reaction to stressors
    I am just learning to practice the Eka Pada Rajakapotasana -- I think I'll get there in about 20 years or so! Maybe. But the benefits are already wonderful.

    Happiness is a choice.

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    For me, effective are doxycycline 50 mg and Finacea. Both reduced papules and redness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMediumDog
    Good thread fut.

    stopping hallucinogenic/psychedelic drugs (from regular to none). In short, ceasing to abuse my body.

    This is interesting. Why stop these drugs? I am not aware that they would cause any flushing nor too many physical effects at all? Maybe a little nausea with one but ..

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    Knowledge of one owns body grows with age and i'm glad to say that I have become more astute to dealing with my skin problems. I'm very happy to add two more highly effective treatments for Rosacea. I'd also like to note that i've stopped one of my treatments.

    I've stopped Melanotan. Why? Melanotan has been wonderful to me and I would recommend it to people for immediate help with their symptoms. PLEASE read my other posts in regards to it. The reasons why I stopped, from most ipmportant to least:
    1) I've found better solutions!
    2) It's not natural. I've learned to take a more holistic approach to my my skin problems.
    3) If I choose to continue, it's like i've chosen to never stop. It only treats the symptoms of Rosacea (it treats all of the symptoms, by the way)
    4) Injecting does not feel good, neither does the occasional stomach discomfort a few hours after injecting.

    Now, on to the more important part...

    For the root of Rosacea, which means ALL symptoms
    Antioxidants - I have been drinking several cups of White and Green Tea a day. Not to mention an increase of fruit intake.
    >>Educate yourself on the link of Rosacea and Oxidative Stress

    Remember that Green Tea cream some people were mentioning as a 'cure'? I never believed it. Now i'll give it the benefit of the doubt. Even better would be to consume a diet rich in anti-oxidants. The easiest and most effective way? Incorporate white and green tea into your diet. I'll let the medical journals speak for themselves.

    The excessive production of reactive oxidative species (ROS) associated with inflammation leads to a condition of oxidative stress. [1]
    Skin is a major target of oxidative stress due to reactive oxygen species (ROS) that originate in the environment and in the skin itself. [2]
    Conclusion: Our results suggest that rosacea is an oxidative stress condition, as reflected by the increased ROS activity and decreased AOP, regardless of HP infection.[3]


    Colon Hydrotherapy and Probiotics - I've had two colonics with an extremely knowledgeable and talented therapist Sharon Stone. I've included Live Active Cereal and non-fat yogurt into my diet.
    >>Educate yourself on Colon Hydrotherapy
    >>Educate yourself on Probiotics

    Remember the whole hype with the link between H. Pylori and Rosacea? Antibiotics are very helpful for many cases of Rosacea. Instead of using antibiotics which kill both good and bad bacteria, there is a better route.

    Note that 60% of feces is made up of bacteria. What happens when your body can't effectively get rid of this bacteria? Feces will literally dry up along the walls of your intestine. Your body will find other ways to get rid of it through our skin. After my first Colon Hydrotherapy, I was a believer. After each colonic I had, I saw improvements to my skin overnight.

    I hope this helps. I suggest a moderator add these two to my original post.
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    Default What's helped me

    IPL with Dr Soldo in Arizona and Dr Johnson in Tennessee. Lots of IPL. Staying cool with a fan on my face between IPL, and good air conditioning. It takes a long time and it costs a lot and it's removed all the permanent redness from my face.

    Staying in a cool environment and always having a fan with me to shut down flushes.

    More fruit, vegetables, oily fish, and fiber foods; less meat, no dairy, almost no sugar, no simple carbohydrates, tons of water. No alcohol; caffeine; garlic; vinegar; citrus; soy; tahini; pepper; pizza; chili; spices; tomatoes, pineapple, yogurt.

    Red Light therapy. Daily for almost four months now. Goes a long way towards shutting down the flushes. IPL did a great job removing the redness, but red light seems to be what lessens the flushes. Seems like I need them both to be effective.

    Drugs. Oracea, Zebeta (beta blocker); clonazepam; occasional Xanax for social occasions; probiotics; zyrtec (antihistamine H1 blocker), benadryl (antihistamine).

    I was a mess four years ago when I started IPL. I'm almost normal now, except I will flush with prolonged exposure to temperatures over abut 77 degrees. I still need it to be 70 or below to exercise or I will flush. But I look normal and can go places, which I used to not be able to do.

    I would advise folks to try all these things and to be patient and get really good air conditioning. It was a long time before these therapies worked well for me, but they did work, and there is hope.

    Good luck.


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    Low-dose accutane- Skin Texture, Pores, Blackheads, Pimples
    CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy)- Very good for putting things into perspective, and helping you to still function regardless of appearance concerns

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    Default What is most effective rosacea treatment?

    For my rosacea, these things help:

    1. Diet: no sugar, no gluten, no dairy, no citrus, no tomatoes, no alcohol (sigh)
    2. Very low dose accutane for my phymatous symptoms (swollen nose, cheeks, forehead, chin; enlarged pores; and lumpy/bumpy skin texture)
    3. Antihistamines

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    These things helped me. Parentheses indicate how long I've used each method.

    1. Gentle cleansers and topical products. (Last 10 years, of course seeking out new products can be disastrous)
    2. Sunscreen daily. Moisturizer daily. (3 years of use)
    3. Healthy diet. Supplement with daily vitamins and fish oil or flaxseed oil. (For at least 10 years this has affected the amount of flushing I do. It is hard to stick to, but when I don't I get a bit more permanent redness.)
    4. 1/2 cup of strong green tea with 2 aspirin dissolved within. Applied room temperature with cotton ball morning/evening to reduce swelling, and minimize blackheads, pores and redness. Can also start with 1 aspirin and work up to 2 over time. Do a patch test 1st. (Discovered this through this forum and have used it for 7 weeks. It really seems to help me.)
    5. V-beam for spider veins and erythema. Do a spot test before full face. (1st v-beam this past March).

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    I'm erythmato, but I have had P & Ps before. Also have ocular.

    1. RLT
    2. Laser (when done well, by a competent doctor).
    3. Gentle skincare products/rinsing with distilled water after I shower.
    4. Clonidine
    5. Clonazepam
    6. Avoiding extreme triggers (not terribly relevant anymore).
    35 year-old male
    Erythmatotelangiectatic rosacea & Ocular
    20 + laser treatments.
    Toleraine Soothing Light Facial Fluid for moisturizer. I don't use a special cleanser. Clonidine daily; klonopin sometimes.
    BEST and CURRENT TREATMENT I use: Low-Level Red Light Therapy LED array.
    Please feel free to PM me with your low-level red light therapy (LLRLT) questions. I'm happy to help if I can.

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    I'ev had butterfly redness since a few months starting with my Rosacea. It's never left me for many years. Melanotan would be the only thing that would effectively mask this for me.

    I'm not sure which of the two, but anti oxidants and colon therapy really did the trick. I am definately leaning torwards Colon Hydrotherapy as what stopped the chronic redness as i've supplemented with anti oxidants in the past, through pills(not through high amounts of tea and fruit), with little to no results.

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