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Thread: The Most Effective Treatments for Rosacea

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    Help the new guy, my fiance has gotten hives before and her doctor put her on an autoimmune or AIP diet. Has any had luck getting this to work with their rosacea?


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    Quote Originally Posted by MissM View Post
    I can completely relate to this. I think part of the reason why my demodex population got so out of control was because my overuse of natural oils (coconut, jojaba, avocado, almond, etc.) on my face. I thought I was doing my skin right by not using "chemically laden" moisturizers and cleansers on my face. Demodex feeds off of dead skin and sebum (oil), so if one naturally produces a lot of sebum or manually puts oils on his/her skin, this can greatly contribute to the issue in my opinion. For me, I've come to the conclusion that I must cleanse my skin daily (and properly with a good cleanser) and not use heavy creams or moisturizers on my face.

    Demodex is the problem as far as I am concerned and my recent use of a cream that kills demodex mites proves it for me. My rosacea has gone. VANISHED! And all because of a rosacea cream I got from an on-line shop that has manuka oil in it along with tea tree oil and chamomile oil.

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