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    have any of you guys had any success with topicals for permenant facial redness or marked erythema{what i have been diagnosed as having),or even any topicals that hide it?

    i am starting to think that laser is my only option.


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    Before the laser, you need to determine your normal skin condition. The redness may be just a reaction to the topicals you are using. I am talking from experience, not theoretically. The program outlined below always normalizes my skin after usage of bad topicals to the point I say 'wow I have a nice skin'.

    I suggest stopping ALL topicals, no meds, no sunscreens, no moisturizers, no face washes, no natural oils, no treatment gels etc. for 3 weeks. During that time eat lots of fish (salmon, sardines), green vegetables (bell peppers), kiwis, apples, blue berries and all other berries. If you crave carbs, eat sereal with water, bananas, a little honey etc. Those never break me out. Don't eat concentrated sugar of any kind, especially cookies and chocolate. Wash face only with tepid water, if possible filtered and dry off with paper towel (less germs than a regular towel).

    At the end of the 3rd week if your skin is still red, then that is your base skin condition, it's due to permanent blood vessels not irritation and laser is indeed your only option.

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