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Thread: new sunscreen

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    its 1.5oz/44.4ml. You dont need much though and it only comes out in small amounts. I have been using it for a few days. Its good but not as good as I first thought. I have to apply moisturiser to a small area, then quickly apply some TiZo to that area or it just wont apply smoothly. Also it shows up my worst seb derm areas pretty bad. It does say it goes on clear, but on close inspection it does look a little like wearing makeup. It could just do with being a little less tinted, or even better tinted green.
    Still, for now it will do. I still seek the perfect sunscreen with no oil, parabens, frangrance, preservatives etc etc.

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    The Nia 24 is $16/oz and it doesn't look caked cause it contains oils that let the powders settle properly on skin. Then it contains mattifiers that matiffy the oils and it doesn't look shiny. I may buy it if my chemical sunscreen continue give me bumps on forehead.

    All-physical sunscreens that don't contain enough oils to settle the powders are bound to look make-up like.

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