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    Default The permanent solution for Rosacea!!!!

    Dear People,

    As all of you described the condition been triggered from food, stress, temperatures, screen radiation, sun, wind, baths, MITES, acne, infection, drinks ext ext I agree with
    You 100%. Most of you tried herbs, antiobiotics, creams, avoiding triggers, ext ext
    But in reality you just hide the issue until next flare!! They say rosacea can not be treated!! Well that’s a medical scam!! Because the real cause of all the forms of rosacea is “uncontrollable angiogenesis”. Just a very little experiment your circulation issues made red ears as well!! To treat permanently the rosacea you can not because you been Born with sensitive Venus. But you can treat the conditions at the root of the problem and solve it for really many years. Be aware of laser pushing back angiogenesis or fraxel magic beams. Laser supposed to help in theory and in reality damaging rosacea much more than anything. The solution to all of you is daily “Diosmin&Hesperidin” 450+50 three times daily for 3 months and then another month 2 times daily and then another month one time daily and another month one day off one day on with one time daily. In six months you will enjoy rosacea free for many years. You need 25-30 days to start see improvement. And as all you say please avoid the triggers as much as you can during this period. Then you can avoid the extreme triggers only because you would realize in the mean time that many triggers stopped causing you issues. Another Jambo herb to take is Crataegus tea that will stop the flares quick. I have tried massive amounts of herbs and antibiotics and lasers but I repeat the ones that will solve the issue is what I said. Stay calm you will still flare but not for a lot and be gentle with your skin products to be sulfate free and non comedogenic and NEVER use night cream when rosacea trying to heal. Never never hydration for rosacea in the night forever.
    Enjoy you day..
    Life is beautiful
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