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Thread: Soft water!!

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    Default Soft water!!

    I just stayed with family for a couple days, and, after washing my face and taking showers... my skin is far less irritated and red.

    I asked why.. and they told me they have soft water.

    Turns out I'm back at home showering under HARD water, and, all the redness and irritation has returned.

    I looked it up online, the differences between hard/soft water on skin disorders.. and it said the because of the minerals stay on your skin, and, has more trouble washing soaps off that it can aggravate some skin conditions like psoriasis/eczema.

    this isnt the exact article I was reading.. but it is another one that talks about eczema and hard water.

    Hard water is also more prone to clogging up your pipes with calcium deposits... and we wash our faces with it!!! No wonder!

    I want the soft water back. :(

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    - You can install a water softner or at the very least an in-line water filter at your supply line.

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    I often have problems with the water when I go on holiday... although I was in Finland last summer and has the best face washing experiences of my life.... sooooo soft.

    Anyway, when I go away I use a wipe off clenser and then finish with a wipe of bottled water. I'm off to Dubai soon and hear the water there is a little dubious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DukeCity View Post
    - You can install a water softner or at the very least an in-line water filter at your supply line.
    Yes, it definitely helps. I have been using soft water from the last 5 years and the difference is huge. A water softener is running absolutely fine and the running costs are low. My skin feel much softener.

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    A lot depends on the shower filter. If you pick it right, the water from the well will also be soft! It is also worth paying attention to filters with vitamin C and D (truth many say it is a myth )

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