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Thread: Emotional impact of V-Beam: just how difficult is it?

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    Well, the only red parts on my face is my nose and cheeks. I don't have any broken veins, just horrible redness and thickened skin on my cheeks and nose, and yes I flush super-easily! Sometimes I flush for no reason at all, for example when I sit in class and do literally nothing at all, my face just gets automatically hot and bright red. And it's like: NO MATTER WHAT PRODUCT I use on my skin it seems to get 5 times worse. For example if I use facial cleanser then the redness becomes VERY aggravated. My doctor whom performs the VBeam laser treatments on me gave me a cream called "FINACEA" which was supposed to calm down the redness, but all it really did was to make it ALOT worse. Believe me, I have tried ALOT of products.

    My skin has never ever been like this before, I used to have a very bright skin complexion with no zits or whatsoever.

    Does the VBeam treat thickened skin (on nose and cheeks)?

    Have you ever tried Metrogel? Is it worth to give it a shot?
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    Hi Sim!
    I always flush when I'm under fluorescent lights. Is that the type of light that is in your class? If that is the case, fl. lights have stumped many of us as to how to handle it. Other than turning the lights off altogether but if you are a student the teacher might not agree to it. Have you tried using sunscreen on your face to see if that helps? I really like Clinique's City Block.

    Any time I wash my face, my redness becomes aggravated. I attribute that to messing with my skin! Years ago, washing my face would not have produced such redness. Now, it does but it usually calms down after awhile. One of the neatest products that I have found over the counter (and I am the biggest skeptic) is Dermalogica's Gentle Soothing Booster. It's a raspberry extract which almost immediately calms the redness down. Don't know how it works but I live by it after I wash my face!

    I have used metrocream for a few years off and on. It does take a few months to see the benefit. It did work well for me. The cream is less drying than the gel. It just became ineffective for me recently so I stopped using it in favor of over the counter sulfur products. My p&p's just wouldn't quit toward the end and once I started using prosacea (sold in CVS, Rite Aid, etc) almost overnight they went away.

    I also notice a difference in my skin tolerances when I drink more water especially if it's cold.
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    Over the counter Prosacea....this dries out my p&p's when all else fails.
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    Question Hello...

    Thanks so much for responding, I really do appreciate that!

    Yes, it is flourescent lights (I'm not a 100 % sure, but it might be).

    Yes, I have tried using sunscreen for a while now, and it makes it even more red.

    So you think that I will experience improvements concerning the redness on my nose and cheeks after my 3rd or 4th VBeam treatment?

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    This is an old thread - but just wondering if there was a general consensus of what is the best Laser place in Toronto?

    Has anyone heard of Derm on Bloor or Toronto Dermotology Centre? I've also heard of Baywood etc.

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    Myz, one of the long-time members here had a really positive outcome years ago with Dr. Betty Chan in Toronto at Baywood Clinic. He had Vbeam done. He mentions her in the first post on this thread. I remembered her name because I used to read his post often for inspiration It's what led me to Zoloft, which has helped me a lot.
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