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Thread: Great success with sulfur tar salve

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    Default Great success with sulfur tar salve

    I have had rosacea for at least a year and perhaps longer. It was not recognized by the dermatologist I see once a year for skin cancer check (I live at 7000 feet where skin cancer is a much higher risk). The last time I saw her I showed her the cluster of papules on my forehead and she froze them with nitrogen, apparently not recognizing them as rosacea. Ultimately I self-diagnosed but there is no doubt that it is rosacea, symptoms are classic of types 1 and 2. The papules were reduced significantly from the freezing but soon returned to original size.

    This is to report that I used sulfar tar salve (NOT the same thing as sulfur cream) on the papules and they have disappeared except for a tiny red spot that I assume will also go away soon as I continue treatment.

    Sulfur tar salve is a very old remedy that like many other perfectly good remedies was edged out by contemporary medical practice. The kind I got from Indiana Botanic Gardens contains, in addition to sulfur, pine tar oil, zinc oxide, and a couple of other ingredients. About $8 a jar and to get rid of the one cluster of papules I have scarcely made a dent in it.

    I have the redness and roughness on my cheeks and over my nose and I have been applying sulfur CREAM spasmodically, not at all the same thing as the salve. I think I see a little improvement but because I haven't been as diligent with this as with the salve on the papules I can't say much about it.

    Much encouraged by the success on the papules, I am now starting a much more concerted effort on the rest of my face. I plan to use the salve on one side of my face and the cream (sold as MSM cream, MSM being a particular form of sulfur which I believe is not the same type used in the salve) and see if there is a difference in response.

    I'll report back when I know something.

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    Default Hey

    Hey, I am very interested to see your results. I have started tp play around with some sulfur stuff too, in hope that it helps.
    Best of luck and I will keep you posted as to what my experament brings

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