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    Default Flushing post llrt

    I have just received my acnelamp. I was keen to give it a go but know I need to take it slowly. I gave myself 3 mins at a distance of about 6-7 inches. A couple of hours later i started a very deep flush.
    Could anybody else tell me if they had increased flushing in the beginning and how long was it before improvement started?
    I don't want to sound over anxious and I know the effects are cumulative but it was a pretty strong reaction and I can't put it down to anything else.

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    Hi Caran,

    I did get flushed a few times using my red/infrared light because it emits a bit of heat. Start very slowly and keep your distance further and your time less until you adjust. Patience is key here and slow going is the best way. I find that if I keep the room cool it also helps.

    Best of luck!

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