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I want to post a couple of observations I've made, although this is only day 3 of my raw garlic trial. I would also love any suggestions. TIA

1. Nothing I've tried curtails burping! YUCK. Please post any suggestions you have. I'm chewing gum after eating just to protect my personal relationships ;-)

2. DH says he can smell it on my skin! I'm going to try essential oils to deal with it. Any other suggestions?
3. I had two glasses of red wine last night--a known trigger for me, BUT I don't have any outbreaks today, which I fully expected to see.
4. Interestingly, I actually flushed last night; this is really new for me. The flushing was gone when I woke up this am. I didn't mind it as it was only on my cheeks and not extreme, like natural blush, so it was okay. I'll have to watch this. Could I be trading P&P for Flushing?
5. I have a small area to the left of my mouth (between mouth/cheek) that stays reddish pink--not terrible; I use concealer with success, but I've noticed it seems just a bit lighter today. This change in redness could be in my head; I'll be watching this.

Anyone else out there using raw garlic?

P.S. I forgot to list wheat as one of my triggers in my last post.
Chewing on fresh parsley gets rid of the bad breath.
Lemon juice gets rid of the smell on your hands or skin. But I wouldn't put lemon juice on your face.