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Thread: Considering RLT

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    Default Considering RLT

    I've been looking around for something new to try and have heard promising things about RLT. I have permanent redness on my cheeks. Should I try RLT? Does anybody have a device recommendation? Thanks!

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    Hi jwies,

    Many folks use the Acnelamp, DPL, Elixa/LEDMAN or homemade units.

    Here's a great place to start the process: Which RLT/LLT Unit?

    Best wishes,

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    Hi again jwies,

    There is sooo much info here on low level light therapies. I spent a lot of time reading and rereading all the threads on this topic. Luckily at the time I had plenty of time as I was home recuperating from VBeam.

    Anyway, I recommend you read all the stickies here first and then read all the individual threads about people's experiences with each unit.

    Take your time because there are many choices and you don't want to rush into picking one device. It is not an exact science (as very little is in life) so there may not be one right or wrong choice for you. More like various shades of gray.

    I have high hopes for this therapy and I am currently involved in one now.
    You will find my thread as you read along

    As you can see I had a tough time deciding which one to choose.
    I am currently in my 6th week and have experienced no dramatic effects but I remain hopeful because the effects are cumulative and patience is key.

    Best of luck in your decision and keep us posted!

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