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Thread: I got my Red LED Box today!

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    Default I got my Red LED Box today!

    I used the LED box for about 5 min earlier today, holding it out about 4 or 5 " away. I didn't cover my eyes, thinking I probably do need it some on the eyelids, maybe every other time.

    I don't know if it was the light, but the rest of today and this evening the redness and itchy feel seems less, and I've had no flushing since using it (I did have a couple of flushes this morning before using it.)

    I was wondering if you have or have heard of anyone having problems with their scalp? The past couple of years since the Rosacea has gotten worse I've also had an itchy scalp and have noticed some flaking. Never in my life have I had scalp problems or dandruff. I switched to using the natural, sulfate-free shampoos they're making now, but they don't seem to get my scalp clean enough. It starts itching again the next day. I can't use anything harsh on my hair since I color it. I'm thinking of using the aspirin mixed into some shampoo and put it mainly on my scalp for a while, then rinse with apple cider vinegar in water. I read these are both good for the scalp. Any suggestions for the scalp without ruining my hair?

    Right now I use either Dove sensitive or a liquid cleanser, but have also tried using a soap with lavender sometimes when it's flared up. It seems to calm it. I used to get an inexpensive chamomile cream made in Mexico, but never see it anymore. It helped a lot when my rosacea was mild. Now that I'm older and past menopause, it's worse! I'm going to try a soap with calendula and see how that works.

    Yesterday I tired crushing aspirin into my liquid cleanser and leaving it on a few minutes before rinsing. I think that really helped the redness, and I noticed today some flaking off of the rough areas. Maybe doing that about every 3 days will help exfoliate. I was using a buf-puf and finally realized it was only making it worse and rougher.

    I have metrocreme, but don't use it every night. Lately I'm using it more because I get those small pustules. I've had about a dozen on my face each morning lately. This seems to come in cycles. I wash, then looking into a magnifying mirror, use a clean dental instrument to gently burst them and apply metrocreme to those and any other red areas.

    For moisturizer I'm just using Cetaphil moisturizing lotion, and sometimes mix half that and half aloe vera gel. It only takes two drops of each to cover my face. I'm trying different things that seem to have good ingredients in them that are also calming to the skin. Products made for sensitive baby skin are good. Just trying to find what works for me without breaking my bank account.

    I've only been doing a good job of this for the past few days, but am seeing progress already. Today I felt good using only coverup under my eyes and on my chin (bad 'tanges' there) and some face powder. I hope it keeps up.


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    Hi Deb

    I just noticed that your post didn't get a reply. How are you doing with your red light? Are you continuing to get good results?

    What machine did you go for?

    Best wishes


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