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Thread: I need to find a very skilled Dr. in Washington Dc for Ipl.

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    Hi Melissa, I believe they were one of the first in the nation to be using IPL for the treatment of rosacea and have a lot of prior experience. They do no just just go through the motions when dealing with a rosacea case, but rather they custom design the best treatment possibilities for any given individual. I know this because I had several IPL treatments there that were very successful. I know that the Center for Laser Surgery was and still is a comprehensive dermatology practice as well and Dr. Susan Elliott is the head of the dermatology program at the Center. She is listed as one of Washington's top dermatologists by Washingtonian magazine. There is a section on their website about the IPL treatments offered as well as a specific section on rosacea. Hope this helps!
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    DcAvalon55 - thanks for sharing your success story at the Laser Surgery Center. It would be a reassurance of the quality of service especially in the treatment of rosacea. What IPL equipment did you use for the treatment and did you have a multi-pass?


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