I want to recommend oil cleansers to the people that actually need cleanser to remove makeup/sunscreens/silicones. The others can just use water.

The oil cleansers are mixture of several oils, the main is usually olive oil. They also contain mild emulsifier, usually PEG, that allows the oils to mix with water and rinse off clean.

You massage the oil cleanser on face, it mixes with makeup, then you splash with water and massage again, it forms whitish emulsion and you rinse the emulsion with water.

Many companies carry those and here is my short experience today at the stores:

Shiseido oil: contains mineral oil and alcohol so thats a no no

DHC oil: probably good but can be found only online (correct that if i'm wrong)

Origins oil: too fragranced, was a little too drying (too much PEG) and seems to have potential for irritating if not washed off completely

M.A.C. cleanse off oil: has slight pleasant fragrance and seems just right - rinses off without residue like my regular cleanser and doesn't dry out - no tight feeling after. I bought one for $20/ 5 oz. It will last at least 4 months.