I had a consultation with my laser derm this week to ask about getting v-beam on my chest area in addition to my face. My upper chest started flushing a while ago and then ever since the skin had started to change, which i assumed was an effect of the flushing.
The skin there goes really red and blotchy in sunlight and after a shower, and at othertimes looks like it's covered in tiny purple stretch marks.

But turns out it's a completely seperate condition, tinea versicolor! The stretch mark apparance he said was caused by the fine scale and the flushing type effect was that any increase in blood flow would make it go red and stand out. It doesn't look like any of the pictures in the link below, I have extremely white skin so white patches would just blend in and i never get any sun so have never had the chance to notice that the effected areas won't tan. The treatment is oral nizoral for ten days.


It's not meant to effect the face but my derm was curious to see if treatment effected it or not, which is partly why i'm on oral meds (as my facial skin is way too sensative for topical nizoral) 3 days in the skin on my chest feels much less rough.

From what i've read it is an extremely common condition so something to watch out for if you get any flushing on your chest and arms. Or if the skin there feels scaley at all. It's the same organism that causes seb derm too so treatment for one should help the other too.