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Thread: Tweezers to help ocular rosacea

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    Default Tweezers to help ocular rosacea

    Hi there,

    I've had ocular rosacea for years and it's only been recently I've learned how to get it under some kind of control. Here's what worked for me--

    We all understand that you have to have the right "oil / mucus / tear" ratio in your eyes to keep them feeling lubricated, and less inflamed and itchy.

    Blocked meibomian glands prevent that. Meibomian glands are the oil glands on the eyelid that secrete oily stuff that lubricates your eyes. When mine are blocked, that oil can't come out, and my eyes feel dry and itchy.

    So I figured I needed to unblock those glands. I figured I could "express" the glands with a pair of dull slant-tip tweezers.

    First, I press below the eye to make the lower eyelid pooch out a bit, and then (very carefully and gently) squeeze the end of the bottom eyelid with my tweezers, to express those glands. Be careful, don't press too hard, and make sure your tweezers have a slant end, not a sharp pointy end.

    I start at the outside and work my way in. It gets more tender as I approach the part of the eyelid nearer my nose.

    If your ocular rosacea is like mine, this will yield some yellow oil or pus. That stuff needs to come out. Getting it out on a regular basis made my eyes feel better over time. I think if it stays, it blocks the gland, sort of like a blackhead blocks your skin pores. That oil needs to travel freely and come out to lubricate your eyes.

    It helped me, I hope it helps others.

    Three other things have really helped my ocular rosacea-- a low carb diet, Oracea, and frequent, repeated IPL.


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    Hi Laura and welcome to the forum!

    I don't recommend using tweezers as you can cause an infection or abrasion. I do recommend using warm compresses though and that should help.

    I also recommend lid scrubs twice a day (AM and PM) to help keep your lids clean and the glands unblocked. This way you prevent them from ever getting clogged.

    Best of luck and welcome again!

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    Yeah...I would be careful doing "self surgery" of any kind to yourself.

    My eye doc said the way to open up pores is with hot compresses.

    If you are pressing on anything that isn't ready to come out (pimple, boils, etc) You just may push it back into the skin.

    I know you aren't talking about pimples and boils, but simply pressing on skin to push or draw out something that isn't coming out on it's own....

    I don't think it would be a good idea.

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    I too have ocular rosacea. Could you tell me a little more about your management regimen? You mentioned Oracea, IPL and a low carb diet.
    I would really appreciate it!


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