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Thread: doctor recommendations -- New York City Area

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
    Oops, my computer closed down as I was cogitating here. Let's see -- I had very bad redness. I mean remarkable. I mean I looked like a STOP sign. On top of that I had red lines: my cheeks looked like I was hit in the face with a jellyfish. Repeatedly. The drug therapies did squat. Lasers served to clean my face of this sickening debris (although my skin kept having more produced -- more lines and redness); it was very temporary. My nose had lots of red lines, little fissures, little holes, too (it's not a big nose) and still bears the deeper scarring, although it's not so obvious now that my skin is healthy. I healed my skin using common sense, only it took a long time for this commonsensical dawn to break.

    GHOST - did you ever suffer from artificial lights as a trigger? Fluorescent lights, computer screens, etc?? If so, did it get better after going low carb and doing the face cleaning?

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    Cool Went w/ dr harvey jay

    After researching doctors for years, I decided to go w Dr Jay for Rosacea treatment about 1.5 months ago and I'm happy with the results so far... When I consulted with other doctors in NYC I found out that it's not always the doctor who treats you, but usually the doctor treats you the first visit and then either a nurse or a PA treats you during the following visits under the doctor's "supervision" aka after the first visit you'll never see the doctor again. I chose dr jay bc he's the only one who treats his patients with Rosacea... I figure if I'm going to a doctor in NYC and paying NYC prices, I better rest assured that a doctor will be the one treating my face.

    Really appreciate everyone's feedback on here... It was really informative and helped me make my decision!!

    Good luck everyone!

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    Default Some advise needed

    I have already done some ipl and excel v for my rosacea with mild results and I am looking to get a vbeam done this year in New York.

    Do some members have recommendations?

    I have done some small research to find a good derm in the city. Do some members in NY have got a vbeam done with one of those docs below?

    Dr. Khorasani
    Dr. Dennis Gross
    Dr. Ron M. Shelton
    Dr. Roy G. Geronemus
    Dr. Manhattan Center for Dermatology

    Thanks a lot

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    Had my first vbeam with Dr. Geronemus. I will say first that he is an excellent doctor. That being said he is also an arrogant jerk. I waited close to 3 hours in the waiting room. Then I had to see 2 of the doctors that he has training under him. Then he arrived and said "there is not much he can do". Then took me in and gave me a treatment (bruising) without telling me what to expect. Said I would need a lot more . Paid (in 2003) $1000.00.The problem with New York City Derms is that they only really care about their celebrity clients. I did much better going out of the city. If your Rosacea is not really severe I would recommend Ross Levy in Mt Kisco. But I have not seen him in over 5 years. Check him and all of these guys out on patient review sites. Sometimes the non celebrity patients have a different story to tell. OAs I recall before ratemd got rid of all the old reviews Shelton was not well liked. Good luck

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