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    hi twickle-thanks for the fast reply=i also have very sensitive skin =which unit do you have and where can i look it up at? has it help you -i have the same stage or kind of rosacea you have (have read about yours on past posts) iam looking for a unit that unfolds like a book so i can get my whole face in there.=not one of those hand held units=do not care about the cost=could you give me the name and maybe there web site?but most important has it helped you?=thanks so much =jerry=

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    Hi Jerry,

    Well, if cost really is not an issue, here is the link to what I use:

    I was a bit disappointed in some crude aspects of the fabrication at first, but overall I am very happy with this unit. Best find a permanent spot for it though, it's a wee bit on the cumbersome side. And, to protect your investment you may want to consider a power supply protection setup. We use an MGE Pulsar EX to clean the power and protect the electronics from brown outs and spikes.

    I also use small hand-held arrays, from LEDMAN. I had a custom array done up by him that is quite flexible. But it gives off too much heat, too quickly to be of much use on the facial areas. All of his arrays give off heat, it's the way he wires them up to enhance the brightness. Here's my link on that device.

    I also have some even smaller arrays from the fellow at heelspurs. Here's the link to that site. These are handy when you need to be mobile.

    There are other units that use tubes instead of LEDs, I know that Peter uses that type and he's the patriarch of RLT for Rosacea on the site.

    And, if you really want the very best bang for your buck, check out the homemade arrays that folks here have posted about. IowaDavid is the pioneer in that arena. PM him if you want details.

    There's plenty of info in the LLLT area of the forum.

    Best wishes,

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