The NRS Form 990 for 2006 is now available for download at the following url:

Some of the highlights this year are:

Total revenue: $778,885
Total expenses: $762,997
Total spent on rosacea research grants: $99,300

A new item is found at Schedual A, Part II A Compensation of the Five Highest Paid Independent Contractors for Professional Services which says, "See Statement 6"

Statement 6 says:

Glendale Communications Group, Inc.
800 S. Northwest Highway #200
Barrington, IL 60010
was paid for Communication Services - $387,912

Park Mailing and Fulfillment, Inc.
120 Lagaschuulte St
Barrington, IL 60010
was paid for for Mailing and Fufullment - $89744

Federal Footnotes Statement 4 says that Park is an affiliate of Glendale and also reveals the salaries paid to NRS board members as employees of Glendale and Park:

Samuel B. Huff, President
Glendale $125,407
Park $ 26,981

Datha J Olney
Glendale $10,435
Park $ 6,291

Mary F. Erhard
Glendale $40,116

Facts and Circumstances Highlights

Between January 1, 2004 and December 31, 2006, the Society has received in
amount of $468,077 in cash donations and contributions which qualify as "public support." This amount constituted 23.99% of the Society's total support for the same period, which exceeds the 10% minimum level of public support required by the Regulations.

The Society has received its public support from a large, diverse group of more than 67,000 individuals in relatively small contribution amounts from corporations and individuals.

The Society's Web site...was viewed by nearly 60,000 individuals a month in 2006.

C. Medical Reserach
Since the issuing of grants began in late 1999, $838,794 has been committed to fund 37 research studies...

I encourage you to download the report and read it yourself. I have written an editorial on the NRS at this url >