Hey all,
I've had 4 IPL treatments with settings mentioned below.
My biggest concerns have always been redness and skin texture.
Here are the parameters used. Feel free to critique them!

Machine Used: Lumenis One
Skin Type: 3
Age Spots/Telangiectasia
560 Filter
17 Joules, 16 over the forehead
Double Pulse
(This next part might not make sense to some, and the forum removes the spaces that I'm using to make it look like they did on paper....sorry.)
4.0 l_l 4.0

After my 4 treatments, I've found relief with:
- Flushing: I was able to tolerate warmer beverages, temps, etc after the treatment. My skin was much less reactive. This was by far the biggest improvement.
- Skin redness: It removed some, but not a lot. I wasn't beet red, but I didn't get a "result to cost" kind of improvement at all.
- Skin Texture: A little smoother, but not dramatically so.

I'm currently taking 10mg's of Accutane, and it's working wonders. Especially for redness. Even my skin texture has improved.

My next thing: IPL w/ Levulan, also known as PhotoDynamic Therapy.

Have a good weekend everyone!