Turns out my optometrists' office is integrated with skincare facilities, and they have a Genesis laser.

I don't know anything about the Genesis laser. I did a cursory search, of course, and it looks like Dr. Evil thought highly of it, and that some people have had good results.

Here's why I'm considering it:
  • It's only $250 per session
  • It's close to home; about a ten-minute drive across town
  • She said she spends an entire hour on the procedure, and I will receive a lot of pulses

Here's why I'm hesitant:
  • She didn't sound all that knowledgeable about it
  • The price sounds almost too good to be true
  • My rosacea is under control, I just need a maintenance txt; if this messes me up in any way I will be pissed (see avatar)

  • Does the price sound reasonable for this type of procedure?
  • I know from IPL experience that a skilled operator makes all the difference; I'd be a little disappointed if I didn't get results, but more importantly: Could an inexperienced operator mess me up with this thing? I've had nothing but success with IPL (as opposed to the horror stories I've seen) and I want to keep it that way
  • I know that Genesis is a true laser, and differs from IPL. Wouldn't this greatly increase the magnitude of potential damage caused by an inexperienced operator?
  • Has anyone else been treated at Heritage Eye in Stockton, CA?

I'm sure I will end up going back to talk to her, but maybe some feedback here can help me ask better questions.