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Thread: Seborrheic Dermatitis - This really works for me

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    Hi all, sorry to bump up the post and revisit. Im new to the forum. And would like to seek advice for my facial seb dermatitis which i think developed from my rounds of antibiotics.. sigh. Never had this problem before. Been having it for around 1 month plus.

    Anyway i have been applying and leaving on thin later of holista pure vitamin e oil on the folds of my nose and my chin area where the seb derm are. It seems to help mask the furry looking flakes throughout the day while i head out to work.

    I want to know if vitamin e oil is okay to be applied on them, i dont want it to feed the seb derm and make it worst in the long run, thus i am not sure if vitamin e oil is safe?

    Appreciate if i can get any advice! Thanks much.

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    Hi, I was fighting with Seborrheic Dematitis for 10 years and i have found 2 causes of this illness:
    1. allergy to some foods (food intolerance). It causes dandruff (i scratch some small as if stones form head scalp, hair falls and skin is oily. The food that causes in my case is dairy(all), sugar and other. The bad food that causes dandruff is measured by MRT150 tests (mediator release tests) - it checks 150 products and ingredients that causes dandruff and other skin problems. Indicator of food intolerance is lack of energy, dandruff, skin problems and rare excrement. If you do not scratch small stones from head but still your scalp itches see point 2 below.

    2. higer or smaller allergy to shampoos. For years i had seborrheic dermatitis which disappered and came back. One year ago dandruff was constant after all shampoos. I do not have it only when I use the most sensitive shampoo which for me is Clear and Free Phamraceutical Specialties. When I use other shampoo I get seborrheic Dermatitis after 1 or 2 days of using it. When you have really bad SD you should clean scalp with enzyme peeling based on water (not alcohol - lcohol is to strong for scalp). I used Mineral Treatment wood (eudemic oil) - this one you should use 3 or 4 r times once in a week to clean scap from oil. Afterwards it might make you sensitive to it (those who are more sensitive like I am).

    Good luck

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