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Thread: itchy beard? Rosacea? Dermodex?

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    Default itchy beard? Rosacea? Dermodex?

    I dunno what is up with my face lately, seeing that I post so much here. But I am confused of why my beard and fac egets extremely itchy as soon as my beard begins to grow in. As soon as It gets long it begins to get itchy. Not just on my beard, but more along my neck face and never happend before accutane, yet I have been off it tane for 3-4 months. So does anyone kno what might be causing this?

    I am really contemplating on using my permethrin cream tonight, yet I know it probobly isn't the wisest. My skin is very fragile from accutane, and I know it can be irritating. It is used for scabies but can also be used to dermodex/ if anyone can giv eme a personal opinion, I would appreciate it.

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    Why were you on the Accutane in the first place?

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    Yep, I get the same. I can't wear a goatee now, it's too annoying.

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    If you can tolerate oils then perhaps try jojaba oil from the health food shop (please do a test patch first).

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