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Thread: Fish oil and fish(cod) liver oil..

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    Default Fish oil and fish(cod) liver oil..

    I'm wondering which one is better for Rosacea. In this forum several people have mentioned fish oil being beneficial but is there any significant difference between these two?

    I have heard of fish(cod) liver oil a lot but of fish oil I first read here.

    I'd like to start taking one but I hope you can tell me which might be more beneficial for Rosacea...


    Edit: Never mind.. Started taking cod-liver oil.

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    I have heard Cod liver oil is more effective than regular fish oil. I know Carlsons is a great brand with lemon extract. I have used it for 2 months before and I also noticed that it helped my endurance levels in the gym. A nice side effect. Let us know what you decide
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    That Möller's cod-liver oil I'm taking also comes with a lemon flavour. I've been taking it for few weeks but I can't say I've noticed any change in my rosacea. I will still probably continue taking it because besides being good for ones health in general I believe it's a really good source of vitamin D for me as I mostly avoid any kind of sun exposure.

    I was though advised to change to a laboratory screened fish oil supplement for the reason that fish livers are more likely to contain industrial toxins or metals.

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    I might suggest Omega 3-6-9. This has been an acne medication for years. You may want to try this in liquid form rather than the pill form we get much more Omega this way.

    Also you may put some Omega 3-6-9 on your face as a cleanser. I use a couple of capsules of Evening Primrose oil in my oil mixture.

    Feel free to ask for more information.
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