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Thread: are doctors bloodsuckers?

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    Default are doctors bloodsuckers?

    or do they just have no clue?
    visited a doctor for the first time about my problem last week. she prescribed doxycycline 100mg twice daily and then tried to sell me some very expensive cleansers and sunscreen. i had to refuse these products because it was going to be like $75 for a bottle of cleanser and a tube of sunscreen. i cannot afford that kind of deal and i doubt they would help my problem anyways. ive already determined that the sun is not my enemy after spending 2 weeks in tropical heat/intense sun without any breakouts.
    things seem more and more hopeless.. wonder if i should just try not using anything!
    trying a new diet

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    There are some horrible doctors, there are some great doctors. Apparently you got a bad one......

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    Most are out for the mighty $$$$.. You'll be better off by reading the info here and asking questions, then if need be, go to a Doc or Derm that is highly recommended by the people here.. this forum is a gold mine of information and support.

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    I can't stand medical practices like that. When I went to an allergist, they gave me a whole catalog of stuff I could order.

    When I went to my dermatologist last...I felt like I was watching a commercial for Cetaphil.

    I agree with DukeCity, this forum is awesome for help and support.
    Like they say about a two minds are better than one...well...we have more than 2 minds here and we are all going thru this together.

    Hang in there!

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    Default Are Drs blood suckers?

    Yes, alot of them are, there are good ones, but I haven't found any in the darm section that know anything about rosacea/sebderm, I live in Oklahoma.
    I have spent a small fortune and still owe a hospital money because I was upset at the Derm's office they sent me to the ER to get checked out by a psychiatrist!!! Me & my husband were so disraught from this retched disease that we were out of our minds. Otherwise we would have got in the car and driven the 4 hours home instead of going to the ER. What kind of a DR. does this to you???? Be very careful not to let the stress of it get the best of you or they will end of telling you you need phsychiatric help or it is all in your head!! Sad but it happened to me! Kathy

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