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Thread: treating sporadically?

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    Default treating sporadically?

    hi all

    i do best when i use a gentle cleanser, moisturizer and sunblock

    but if i have a outbreak- red blotchy on my face- can i use noritate sporadically?


    much love


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    This was my reply to the post about using nothing at all for Rosacea, but I thought it applies here too.

    I treat when needed with Finacea for the P&P's, and I know nothing is going to get rid of the redness....but I can deal with the other redness caused by the dry/irritated skin.

    When my skin is not actually looks pretty good.

    Quote Originally Posted by PA Dancer
    I went a few years without using anything at all.
    I was fed up with the docs because I always feel they are just swinging at the pinata with the blindfold on when it comes to Rosacea.

    When I used nothing...I had no changes what so ever to my face.

    It was just this past May 2007 that I went to the doc again to get some Finacea. And all that does is control the P&P's....and it's not an every day occurance.

    I only use the Finacea about every 2-3 days when I see my skin getting bumpy or blotchy.

    But who knows...Winter may be a whole different story.

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    I found ZZ ointment great for p&p control. Might not work for everyone but has been great for me. I now use it occasionally, when the need arises.


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