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Thread: My experience with Dr. Nase: another amusing Nase attempt to control the truth

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkincareKev

    This Dr. Nase sounds like one sick individual. To fake an illness is really far out there.

    Hello Kevin

    Yes he is.

    You can read all about him on:

    All his activites are recorded on there. Make sure you take time to read it all.



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    Default Dr. Nase

    I just want to weigh in as a one time supporter of Nase. I have known nase almost since the beginning. I have been mostly on the outside looking in and only visit these forums once in a blue moon. I have just a mild case of rosacea but frequent the blushing forums. I only visit here when I have a flair up or their is a Nase war. I've known Nase for 8 or 9 years, once considered him a role model. I even hoped to work with him one day as he seemed knowledgeable on the physiology of flushing. Over the years I noticed that he had a bit of a temper and often responded unprofessionally to people on the forums. I thought it was a small price to pay for access to his brilliant mind (or so I thought). I bought his book early on and still think it is a good book, although probably outdated by now. One day I came here after a Nase war and I was writing a strong letter of support for Nase when I started reviewing everything that had been going on, and I realized it didn't add up. I started expressing my doubts to Bob Bear, (he's from esfb, don't know if he frequents here that much) when he was still strongly pro-Nase. I looked at the News Report from the Indiana Newspaper, the disolving of the non-profit rosacea institute (sorry I don't remember the name), and the fact that all these professionals had disavowed him, and the fact that a case went to court where Nase was declaring that he would be 100% vindicated, He would trounce his critics, et, etc., and which he failed miseralbly. It all started making sense, and I realized many of his claims just couldn't be true. The numbers of patients he was claiming to correspond with for treatment protocols was simply imposible ( I don't remember the exact numbers). It was a disappointing revelation as I realized that years of what i thought was progress toward a cure (not only for rosacea, but blushing) were down the drain, and that in fact it likely put us in the hole and would continue to do so as long as Nase was around stirring up trouble. The evidence is now so overwhelming, and the fact that Nase has been caught red-handed fabricating people on the forum (through checking IP numbers) makes his credibility on anything zero.

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    Hello abacab

    Thanks for being so upfront and honest about your experiences and opinion on Nase. I think everybody with rosacea once thought this man would be the answer to their prayers but unfortunately we all got duped and I first suspected something was odd after I read his book. My suspicions were even further aroused when I first saw the debunking site and the rest is now history as they say.

    Nase used to have many supporters and fans but slowly but surely they all seemed to have disappeared once the inevitable truth about this man started to emerge. They were still a few hardcore ones still around for a while but they either got themselves banned or just disappeared with most of the others.

    Bottom line is that Nase is a conman and if there is any justice in this world he deserves to be put behind bars for what he has done.


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    Default People want to believe

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter View Post

    They were still a few hardcore ones still around for a while but they either got themselves banned or just disappeared with most of the others.
    Weren't "they" all Nase in disguise. Maybe he really had split personalities, should get him some time on Oprah.
    "Get busy living or get busy dying."

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