This is a spin off on barbras peta thread.

Here's a list of free bags of cat and dog food, samples and treats! May add coupons too.

Please request, have them shipped to you and then donate these things to your local no kill shelters if you can't use it for yourself or have a friend in need.

You can google for shelters near by you.... or contact shelters and ask for phone numbers of people to whom take in animals on their own without being supported by any organisations ect.
also you can ask if they need anything else that you may be able to donate that you don't use any longer... like old blankets, bowls, towels and cleaning supplies ect.

I checked... all these are currently available freebies... mind you no gaurentee on all things to arrive.

I'll keep posting new offers as I find them here... some go quick for limited offers.

And eveyone else please add too if you know of an offer not mentioned here!

All of these are valid in the USA... some in Canada....

Purina One 3.5 pound bag of cat or dog food. 30 day challenge.
call 1-800-630-MEOW (1-800-630-6369)

$3 off iams cat food