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    Hi there!

    The skin condition, called keratosis pilaris, is characterized by blocked hair follicles, that can result in bumpy, and often inflamed skin. When it appears on the face (mainly on the cheeks), it is known as kprf (keratosis pilaris rubra faceii). It shares many similarities with rosacea.

    There was a website specifically dedicated to keratosis pilaris ( but it had no administration, and it has gone down, and it doesn't look like it will ever reappear!

    The site was a useful place to share experiences, but it was difficult to find information about this skin condition. Many people tried to post summaries, and educational pieces, but due to the lack of a moderator, and the site's poor structure, these informative items quickly became lost.

    Lately the site was being targeted by spam, which was making it even more frustrating!

    So, I suppose the fact that the site finally succumbed may be a good thing, it presents an opportunity to create a moderator facilitated discussion forum, where people can find information on kp, swap stories, and above all, we can encourage one another.

    With this in mind, a new forum has been created at



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    I hope your new forum goes well. Just out of interest are you affiliated to the company Koru as the majority of the links go to their website? At this forum we are not affiliated to any product.

    Ps good luck with the spammers

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