I am not sure why the body reacts to these "triggers"

I remember when I first started noticing rosacea like symptoms was after being on birth control pills for almost a year. I began flushing heavily when embarrassed, self conscious, made mistakes in front of people. I associated it with my sever shyness. I hate every minute of it and I would flush at least once a day.

I got off the birth control pills. ( I really feel they were responsible for my symptoms) I figure that because when trying to go back on birth control pills later I would flush every day again. This made me so angry because I was just finally getting back control over my facial flushing.

It was uncontrollable while on birth control pills.

I went off them again.. and the flushing slowly went away. Happening less and less.. I was gaining my confidence back and was able to prevent alot of the social anxiety affect me, therefore, preventing a flush.

Eventually, I found it interesting that my flushing seemed to move downward. From the middle of my face down to my neck. Now when I would flush it was always just my neck and top of chest area.

This made me nervous too, so I would try to keep my neck hidden just in case. By this time my face no longer flushed.

Then it moved again. Down from my neck to primarily all over my chest. Deep, dark red. Sparing the top half of neck(under my chin) and my face..keeping them free from flushing.

I find this very unusual. At one time I could not take a hot shower without coming out blood red. I had to only shower at night so that come morning my face would be calm again. I couldnt drink hot things (flush) I couldnt eat certain foods (flush)
Certain cleansers and moisturizers would irritate my skin so much, I couldnt use them.

I dont know what happend... but over time as it progressed downwards.. I became less and less responsive to things. (shower water, foods, alcohol...)

and since melanotan II (even with little to no tan) I am almost convinced I do NOT have rosacea.

I was diagnosed a long time ago just because I was shy and flushed during the appointment... perhaps they made a mistake?

I have had 2-3 V-beam treatments.. and I totally recommend them.

I also totally recommend supplementing your diet with good flora. (digestive enzymes and probiotics)

I also use ONLY organic shampoo, and conditioner, only use Organic Aloe Vera gel as a moisturizer on my face.

I treat acne with hydrogen peroxide(3%) mixed with Aloe gel smoothed all over my face.

I also at one time attempted using a small concentration of Boric acid mixed with water on my face.. and noticed a surprising result. My acne vanished..and some redness went away....

We all get a little desperate during those hard times attempting to just try and look normal...

I have been using Melanotan II, under dosing and under "sunning" as well.. but most of the changes took place BEFORE starting melanotan.

Just wanted to tell my story.. if anyone has questions, comments, advice.. or just wants to add anything please feel free!