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    I didn't get any replies to my last post. Has anyone tried Selenium Sulfide 2.5% for seb/derm and also does seb/derm sting??? I have this stinging just around my mouth area, on each side. With a 10 tines magnifying mirror I can see white flakes and a little yellow coloring. I can't tell if the selenium is helping or not. The stinging is horrible. Can't tolerate a fan and it seems like anything that helps for a time makes it worse on the rebound. This is the first thing I have tried on my face in several years. I use little bits of Cetaphyl cream to moisturize, sometimes it soothes me a little. I am 50 so drying is a problem. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. I also have been flusing alot lately and probably starting the menopause thing, I take hrt. Thanx in advance. Hope to hear from someone this time. Desperate and Miserable

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    I'm so sorry no one answered your last post. It takes time sometimes since everyone is on a different schedule and time zone.

    I'm afraid I don't know anything about seb derm but I understand what it's like to suffer from stinging/burning/flushing which are my main symptoms. The key is to find something that will soothe your skin and not irritate it. This takes a lot of trial and error and can be time consuming.

    For me, eucerin moisturizing lotion is a big help. It help calm my face and is very soothing. Also, I like rosacea care calming spray with strontium. It helps ease my burning face.

    Take the time to read through old threads pertaining to your condition and symptoms. And ask any questions you want and don't ge discouraged. It just takes time. Good luck!!

    Best wishes,

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    One of my derm adviced me to use Head and Shoulder to wash my face! Which I did after a few try pimples start coming out and the treated areas became very dry! But my derm never mention the world of seb/dem so I am not sure if I only have rosacea or both? But I think I might have both or may be some atopic dermatitis also. Still not sure and very confused.

    I also suffer from burning to itching on both side of the mouth as well as on the cheeks area. If you don't feel comfortable and find the treatments irritating......I would stop doing it until you get an answer from you derm. I know how you feel and hang in there!


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