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Thread: sebderm and rosacea

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    Default sebderm and rosacea

    Sorry i know this question has been asked a million times

    what is the defining feature that sets SD apart from the symptons of rosacea. I have been diagnosed with rosacea, but i honestly think it may be seb derm. i dont get the hot flushes associated with rosacea, but I do go red and burn to the usual triggers ie heat and stress.
    i recently had IPL treatment, which brought out symptons of a very flakey scalp/forehead which i had never experienced before.

    Also alcohol is beneficial to my rosacea, especially if i drink large amounts (lager and lime)
    i dont understand either maybe it just relaxes me...who knows

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    I'm no expert but will try to define the differnece. Please don't take my word for it these are just things that I have either expereinced or picked up along the way and may be completely wrong.

    Seb derm: skin conditon ( I tend to think of it as on the skin not in the skin) were the skin is red, flakey and possibley itchy due to overgrowth of fungi. It can cause flushing (especially if you have rosace aswell).

    Rosacea: a vascular/inflammtory conditon that ends up affecting the skin. Blood vessels overreact to any small trigger and results in flushing, papules/pustules as well as permanent redness and broken capillaries.

    In theory seb derm would get better (all be it temporarily) by the application of topical steroids. Whereas if it were rosacea you would not see this sort of improvement and could make it worse.

    IPL can trigger seb derm reactions (have a look at my photos-3/4th photo):

    I hope this is a help. Could say alot more but thats the bare bones of it.


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    thanks Phlika, you are a real gem

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    Elidel works great on Seb Derm people who have rosacea. Try it, it works well.

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