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Thread: organic (rosacea-friendly) cream for facial seb derm?

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    Default organic (rosacea-friendly) cream for facial seb derm?

    Does anyone know of a good cream for seb derm that isn't full of chemicals which aggravate rosacea? I can't use dandruff shampoos on my face for that reason.
    I find zinc-based cream pretty good. If only I could find one without the extra chemicals thrown in!

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    I was having problems with moisturizers..they kept giving me p&p's.

    I have SD with steroid rosacea. I decieded to use Dr Syed's Green Tea Cream and I have probably only had two bumps since I have used the skin is not as dry...haven''t used it long enough to say that it has "cured" anything however, it feels good on my skin and doesn't break me has helped with the SD...the flakes are few and far between.

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    Hi Monte,
    I've just started with the Green Tea cream as it happens! Only been a week so no improvement really, so far. It certainly isn't making things worse which is something!

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    If you find a moituriser that you like you may be able to get a chemist to add the active ingredient from seb derm creams, like nizoral cream, into it. So that you cut out all the unwanted extra's.
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