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Thread: Flushing a couple days after alcohol consumption

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    Default Flushing a couple days after alcohol consumption

    Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with rosacea (at least I think it is). I never had full redness on my face where it looks like im blushing, more so just patches and my nose has patches of redness on it. It recently started a month or so ago, and its the worst thing in the world. It started to get better, so I decided to test it out and had 5 beers. I looked fine, until a couple days later my nose got all patchy red again. If it is a trigger does it happen immediately?

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    Sometimes triggers cause immediate reaction (alcohol is usually one of them) but triggers can also show up later on as well.

    When I flush I tend to look worse for a couple of days until my skin recovers. Although I dont drink at all when I see my frineds after their night out their skin usually looks **** for at least a couple of days. I bet you are either still dehyrated or are just still recovering from the all that sugar overload/histamine reaction.

    I would try taking an antihistamine for a few days, like Clarityn and drinking loads of water.

    Tell me more about these patches- do they itch, flake,etc.

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    My skin is always in pretty bad shape the day after a night out. It doesn't feel like I'm flushing, but the skin is just more red.


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    Default My patches

    They never itched nor burned or anything like that, which led me to believe it wasn't rosacea. But it has to be something since I have redness on my face, for I never blushed easily, actually I dont remember blushing at all in my life. My face is a lot greasier too now, so is it safe to use clerasil blackhead pads for rosacea? They have 2 percent sacicylic acid or whatever in it. I also have been taking fexnofenadine, an allegra type medicine, and nasarel every day. So what the heck do I have?

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    After a night of drinking then next day my skin is really red & inflamed!

    Even when out drinking I flush quite bad!

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