I have received the following message and asked if it could be posted to the Rosacea Forum. This is simply a method of delivery, not an opening for discussion here on the Rosacea Forum, as the author wishes to remain anonymous until publication date.

If you wish to participate in this research, please e-mail the author as detailed below.


I am the researcher whose book project was mentioned on your board late last year. To clarify, it isn't specifically about one person, one group, or one illness. It is a broad-based study of communication problems and interpersonal and inter-group conflict within a network of computer-mediated health support boards. It charts the escalating clashes that occurred between May 2005 and May 2007 within the internet-based community, and explores the ways group processes helped shape behavioral change, from individual responses and the development of alliances through to the drawing of battle lines and the resultant "rosacea wars".

It is a detailed analysis of what can go wrong when people suffering from a range of health problems (primarily rosacea, but also facial flushing, blushing, hyperhidrosis, and ETS surgery) share over-lapping internet sites, yet may have divergent interests and very different needs. It analyzes the psychological effects on the community of the introduction of allegations of Munchausen by Internet and financial impropriety, and assesses the significance these had at individual and collective levels.

To keep things focused, the writing to date has been based mainly on statements posted on the boards. Anything posted on public message boards is in the public domain and can be freely quoted, although my preference will be to withhold the names of writers unless they played a prominent role in events or have given permission to use their names. Additional material has been drawn from the web sites of Dr. Nase and the Debunkers. Information quoted from these web sites is covered by the law permitting brief, properly credited, quotes for review or critical purposes.

It is now time to bring in personal perspectives. I will be contacting Dr. Nase and the Debunkers with questionnaires and a request for email interviews. If they do not wish to assist, I am willing to consider accepting statements from them to include as an appendix.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who used any of the three internet groups concerned - Rosacea Support, Rosacea Forum, ESFB - between May 2005 and May 2007. My main interest is in knowing:

1) Which of the three boards have you used, and roughly when?
2) For what reasons? (e.g. checking treatment options, contacting people with the same condition, easing sense of isolation, other)
3) What were your opinions when you first became aware of the controversy?
4) If your opinions later changed, what were the main reasons?
5) Is there anything else you want to say on the subject?

A general questionnaire is available on request. If you want any part of your response to be treated only as background material, please mark it "Confidential". If you are willing to be quoted, and/or have your real name or internet username included in the book, please state this.

Lastly, please note that I am seeking information, not providing it. I am not revealing my name or any other details until publication date.

Thank you for any assistance you are willing to offer.

( mep3000@gmail.com )"