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I will agree with you there (we agree!! )
Everything we say here is public domain, and I dont have anything to hide either (with this big mouth, come on, lol) But its just seems strange the secrecy. I may choose to fill out the questionare because I do think its an interesting subject.

Hey Laura

Good I agree with you agreeing that we agree to disagree.

If I was the author (and Iím not by the way) I think given the history and emotional feelings regarding this subject I would also want to remain anonymous until such time as I was ready to publish the book. Canít see anything wrong or sinister with that myself.

Go on be a devil and complete the questionnaire. It will give you a chance to voice your opinion and for any research project the more opinions the better, I would imagine. Yes I agree again, it is an interesting subject and it could amongst other things help other support groups in the future avoid the problems that have beset ours. By the way from what I have read these problems are not unique on the Internet, so there obviously is a need for some form of policing to be put in place, to clamp down on possible fraud.


Its a fine line on these boards, as a mod I walk it, as do the other mods. We get yelled at for not policing enough, and yelled at for being to lax. It is a no win situation sometimes. Fraud always entires my mind, and I do not want anyone to be a victim of it.
I find the subject interesting for that reason. the inter play of all us humans, from different parts of the world. all talking. All our different personalities, meshing sometimes, clashing at others. It fascinates me. and I am in it as well, (again the whole big mouth thing, my Dad used to say, you know, you can have a thought you dont speak!. not me!)
Well I hope if anyone quotes me from my message they correct my spelling anyway!