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Thread: Please...'bear' with me...

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    Default Please...'bear' with me...

    I feel that I am stuck between a rock and a hard place right now. I am tired (it's late) and I am tired of the Nase wars...believe me!

    I feel that this should be shared with members here, yet I also feel that it is best left alone. Urgh! What to do?

    On Monday, a 'new' member tried to join the Forum. I noticed a pattern of posts that didn't seem quite normal. All new members are allowed to post a few times before they are approved as a member. Once they are approved, all of their posts 'go live'. But this to-be member was persistent. Once the allowed posts were up, that to-be member kept posting the same post, edited each time. That post was not going to go live because that to-be member had not yet been approved. Nothing really weird or strange about that I suppose. Yeah, well, it was kinda weird! Anyway, I just thought it was worth looking into. So I did.

    After getting the allowed posts up, this prospective new member then gave up on trying to repetitively post the same post (edited each time - 4 times) and went for a new thread in the Meta. I mean, this one was the Ayres Rock of posts! (I'm Australian, I can say that! LOL)

    So, let me share my dilemma with members here:

    'JJ_NYUMED' was this prospective new member - same IP address as 'redbegone' and 'MariaCappolla'. JJ_NYUMED now appears as a 'Guest' on the Forum. Through a new set up we have...I deleted the user from that area and didn't realise it would make the user name 'Guest'. I've asked Warren if it can be put back up, but if it can't then, so be it. I will still try to explain...

    JJ_NYUMED claimed to be a New York Physician, JJ from NYU Medical School. His profile that I kept a copy of:

    Viewing profile :: JJ_NYUMED
    Avatar All about JJ_NYUMED

    Known socket puppet account Joined: 15 Jan 2007
    Total posts: 7
    [0.02% of total / 7.00 posts per day]
    Find all posts by JJ_NYUMED
    Location: New York
    Occupation: Physician

    Contact JJ_NYUMED
    E-mail address:
    Private Message:
    MSN Messenger:
    Yahoo Messenger:
    AIM Address:
    ICQ Number:

    I copied this screen before his last post was made (before I had added the Sock Puppet tag):

    IP address for this post [ 6 Posts ] [ Look up IP address ]

    Users posting from this IP address
    JJ_NYUMED [ 6 Posts ]

    redbegone [ 5 Posts ]

    MariaCappolla [ 1 Post ]

    Here is an example of the worst, which I have edited to remove libellous material. I'm reproducing this so that genuine members can get an idea of how this Forum is still under threat:

    Thread Title: Understanding Peter Waters and his Agendas better

    My name is JJ. I hail from NY. I have been a rosacea sufferer for 5 years now and this greatly interferes with my ability to practice medicine.

    For those with any questions: IP Address: -- NYC, NYU Med.

    I have been seeing Dr. Bitter Sr. for photofacials and they have helped. As this question has been deleted and members removed, I will try to be as gentle as I can with my material presentation. My goal has been to find the best treatment, the most knowledgeable doctors and cut through this utter chaos. It is amazing how a few people can twist half sentences or posts to meet their need. I am considering going to the Rosacea Institute for laser and iontophoretic botox. But, I wanted to make sure this was worth the trip. I received a consult by Dr. Nase for almost 2 hours. I wanted to get a feel for his knowledge, his input at the Institute and clear up some of these issues -- namely -- why the Peter Waters vs. Dr. Nase fights? This is important to me. .....

    A fist degree burn is just increased redness with mild swelling and burning sensations. Nothing fancy. A second degree burn is increased redness, moderate swelling, water blisters and burning sensations. Both have occured with great frequency. .....

    I have spoken with Dr. Bitter Sr. (and anyone can verify who I am by asking about JJ with the bright burning ears), and he has treated 8 to 10 Red-light therapy induced patients over the last year or so. Dr. Nase and Dr. Nielson have also treated 4 patients already. I am also guilty of trying red light therapy. One of my telangiectasias went from two vessels to 8 more budding off of those two vessels. Not good.

    Please understand that most want to get better on this group. I have no idea why RedHotz is in charge of this section???? Can anyone explain this? Would it be nice to have a different moderator who would control this section? However, a handful of frustrated, hurting rosacea sufferers want to create utter havok, and many of those responding positively like TP and crew have atopic dermatitis or are using multiple orals and topicals. So, how do you medically and scientfically distinguish red light therapy as helping. Just be cautious. Also understand that there are other factors not related to rosacea on this board that cause rosacea to take a backseat to rosacea. I am leaving for the Rosacea Institute in three weeks. They will be performing a triple pass and injecting the front and sides of my ears with BOTOX. I will report back, whether positive or negative. Moderators, please find a way to make this board better. JJ

    As you can see, I did not remove Nase's comments against me. I would like to say that I am not "in charge" of the Meta! All Mods can review and action any sub-forum here. Warren now has open public access to anyone who wants to see what the Mods have actioned.

    I'm off to bed now but was really annoyed about this and wasn't sure whether to put it up or not. The parts that have been edited out are for for the benefit of Nase...believe it or not!!! it what you like. Best not being here.

    Jen-Bear...regressing back to my cave...

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    Same old, same old. Still on his anti-RLT rant. So many people here LOVE it, and they don't have atopic dermatitis AND rosacea. Yes, TP speaks positively of it, and posts a lot on the subject (doing my Nase® 3rd party speak here), she works very hard to find ANYTHING that will give her relief -- and what a blessing for her that it helps her eczema too!!! She also has units that are stronger which work on painful joints as well as the other aches and pains of life.

    Seriously, I think the writer falls to recognize the large community of RLT users. Perhaps he should spend more time reading posts by the other members that use RLT here, also on the Yahoo! Rosacea Support Group.

    He's trying very hard to save face. This is how it all began in the first place. He should put his energy into his super forum, he is past due (yet again) and this would be a perfect platform for his propaganda.


    Twickle Purple,
    Corinna Specialist™

    Happiness is a choice.

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    Jen -

    Cannot believe how low nase is stooping.

    He is totally transparent - and completely [edited-sarah].

    sorry that you have to deal with this crap, Jen - you are doing a great job!


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    Jen, when you wake up and have had your tea, could you please put up the entire post?

    People need to see what the truth is.....


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    Hello Jen

    I have only just got home from work so catching up.

    Is it possible to put the whole post up on the Forum as I think we should all be allowed to see it? If that's going to cause too many problems can you send me something privately?

    If it's anything like the junk he has sent me before then best to have a good laugh, just ignore it and move on. Suppose I could always forward it onto Nielson and ask him to keep his staff under control



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    Jen, I'm just sorry that you have to put up with this.

    The silent majority appreciates you tremendously...the loud minority is the one making the noise though.

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    Jen Bear,

    I too greatly appreciate your contribution to this forum. Imo, from the little that I know of you, you are a very brave lady indeed. To then put up with crap on here, well, you must be made of more tolerant stuff than I.

    My hat comes off to you good lady.

    Incidentally, that post was quite disgusting.

    You know what it is, though? I find it tremendously insulting that these guys think us STUPID enough to fall for there bs.

    I had Geoffrey sussed mere days after the RRF thing started. But I, in my depersation, forced myself to swallow my doubts and put my faith in the man. When I was provided with indisputable proof, I attempted to remain neutral as I had hoped that my influence might help pursuade him to seek the appropriate help. Alas, this was possible.

    But my point being, I was NEVER fooled by Geoffrey. Fooled by myself, perhaps. Never by Geoffrey. Im sorry, but he is just not intelligent enough a man to pull of the tricks he is attempting.

    It is extremely insulting and arrogant for him to think that he can. It makes me quite angry to think that this med school FAILURE would see himself as mine or anyones superior.

    As I always used to say (when I was supporting Geoffrey) - actions speak louder than words, facts speak louder than opinions!


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    Quote Originally Posted by VickyGirl

    The silent majority appreciates you tremendously...the loud minority is the one making the noise though. :roll:
    Vicky Girl -

    We are ALL the majority in this (I happen to be quite loud - ahem!!) - there is only one person who gives Jen a hard time, mostly because he was banned.

    SO glad to have you here supporting this forum!


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    I cannot imagine that anyone would take this rambling drivel of a post seriously.
    Everybody who kows this forum would know in an instant who it was who was posing as this "poor sick physician from New York".
    A genuine newbie would take months to amass all of the vitriolic bitterness in that post.
    Jen You can delete the posts, you can edit them, you can leave them, they will not be taken seriously by any single person on this forum.

    It is not 100% proven that red light therapy is a great help to rosacea sufferers (though I believe it is) but all sensible medical people know it is a benign harmless thing which has been proven to promote healing, using a proper unit for the reccomended time cannot and does not burn, there are now badly burned cases, I am sure Dr. Nielsen has never met anyone who has used RLT in his life!! what a load of rhubbish the whole post was!
    Talk about obsessive, a psychiatrist would have a field day with it.

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    By the way I forgot to mention, it could not be just an angry person trying to post, oh no it had to be a practising physician to lend weight, talk about overkill, it would be funny if it was not so sad.

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