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Thread: Roseca and swimming pools

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    Default Roseca and swimming pools

    Hi im going on holiday this friday and was wondering how swimming pools with chlorine affects people who have rosacea. Ive not been swimming for ages and just wondered how you have found it to be, whether it has irrated your skin or if it has not had a effect at all.

    Be very grateful for any replies on this

    Thanks Sarah

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    Default Sarah

    Hi Sarah,

    That is an excellent question.
    I don't have the answer specifically related to a pool
    but usually swim in the ocean. I constant reapply the
    sunscreen (clinique supercity) and tend not to have a
    problem. i hate the sun and what it does to my skin.
    i've used pools in the past and haven't had a problem
    that I can remember as long as I keep the sunscreen
    going continuously. good luck.

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    I believe that swimming pools with chlorine have had a bit bad influence on my rosacea in the past. Now I haven't been to any swimming pools for a while but I remember that a few years ago(when I had no idea what rosacea was) they made me flush. As much as I remember from earlier summers, swimming in a lake didn't have such an affect.

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    Swimming was fine for my rosacea. I can really exercise hard and stay pale due to the cold water...the hot dressing rooms is a different issue though...and the chlorine is good against seb derm. Unfortunately, i also have eczema, and it doesn't react too well to the i end up going only occasionally..

    I believe the Rosacea Ltd people recommend swimming as the best sport for Rosaceans. Not that we necessarily need to listen to them but i thought it was interesting...

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    I find swimming in chlorinated pools have a horrible effect on my seb derm and rosacea.

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    this is summergirl posting... too lazy to log in hehe

    I find that a swimming pool has *wonderful* effects on my rosacea. the cool water calms it down a lot, as my problems are mostly vascular in nature. the chlorine also helps get rid of any oiliness and the sunshine gives me a nice tan to hide it!

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