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Thread: Who should I trust?

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    Default Who should I trust?

    As some of you may have read, a while ago I consulted with Dr. Darm about if I would still be able to do Fraxel laser for scar revision and he said absolutely not. Well, recently I got someone who had an appt with Dr. Chu do a favor for me, and they asked him if I could still do scar revision procedures. And he said I could, as long as I took a medicine before hand that would keep me from experiencing any discomfort.

    So now i'm stuck in the middle again, not knowing who to trust.

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    Unfortunatly I bet every doc/derm you ask will come up with a different opinion as to what will help and what wont.

    If Dr Darm saw you in person and saw your rosacea and has had actual hands on experience with the relevant lasers then I would listen to what he says.

    Dr Chu is a very good derm but a) he hasn't seen you or your rosacea first hand and b) he doesnt use lasers himself (except the n-light). I would respect his opinion aswell but I think Dr darm might be more experienced in this area.

    Ps I see Dr Chu and think he's a very good derm but I see Dr Crouch for my laser treatment.

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