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Thread: can you answer my questions about seb derm

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    Default can you answer my questions about seb derm

    im getting confused about Seb derm.

    is seb derm dry raised scaling patches? (similar to psoraisis)
    Do you get spots?
    Or can it also make your skin go red and burn?

    i have developed a few itchy spots around my hairline, and my scalp is very flaky and this seb derm?

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    I would reccomend looking at this link:

    scaly patches: yes
    red spots:yes
    skin red and burning: yes

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    Can seb derm cause broken blood vessels if you flush with it? I dont know if you can even flush with seb derm? I am wondering if this is what I have instead of rosacea. I took a look at that website, my skin is not dry but very oily and oily on eyelids and my eyelids look like that guy in picture on website. I do have a tiny bit of flakes on crease of nose and in eyebrows. My skin is only light pink right now. I have also been noticing red patches of skin on body since I stopped tanning and when I tan again they go away and this seems like eczema to me. If this is seb derm what meds can I try to see if this all goes away. I probably will be blessed with both rosacea and seb derm but still wondering if this is only seb derm. I asked my Dr. and she never gave me a direct answer but thought maybe on the confused guys... ..Jenn

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