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Thread: Dermatitis help??

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    Default Dermatitis help??

    As if the red face wasn't bad enough, my dematitis is having a nasty flare due to the returned cold, dry weather. I tried to make an appointment at the derm, but all are booked up for a couple of months. Anyone have any suggestions on how to relieve the itchy, dry red pathches that are popping up on my face. I've tried a few things but it just seems to be on a mission.

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    I too have seb derm which has recently decided its going nowwhere. I find 100% jojoba oil works quite well.
    On an evening I often mix in sudocrem which is a zinc based product. This calms my seb derm and helps my rosacea a bit. Then before I go to bed I wash it all off with water and a bit of jojoba oil.
    I wouldn't necessarily recommend sudocrem to anyone as it has a long list of chemicals in it that probably aren't the best for rosacea, but my skin seems ok with it.

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    You may like to take an antihistamine tablet asthis should help reduce redness and itching abit.

    I got some Elidel for my seb derm but that is on prescription in the UK, not sure about others. The supplement Pau D'arco may help alittle as weel as its and antifungul. The other thing I have done is to cut out all dairy, take some probiotics and occassionally I will drink water and lemon juice in it and take (swallow) garlic.

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