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Thread: looking for a derm here in melbourne

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    Default looking for a derm here in melbourne

    can someone please recommend me a dermotologist in the melbourne metro area.
    i have a mild case of rosacea, and have been using metrogel and minomycin antibiotics, with little effect.
    would like to see another specialist to get another opinion.


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    If your after laser treatment than there's good info on the best melbourne doctors for that in the thread on melb doctors.

    Otherwise I have seen a regular derm in the Melbourne CBD who was okay, Dr Peter Berger. I say okay because he was good but not fantastic so he wasn't on the same level as my GP Dr Edwards (at Collins place medical centre), who is really brillant and has a special interest in dermatology. So because of that $190 for a 5 minute consultation with Dr Berger didn't seem such good value. It did though confirm for me what my gp had already told me.

    It wasn't my regular GP who refered me to Peter Berger though but another doctor in the practice. I proably should have waited and seen my doctor because he is extremely picky when referring, when i had to see an allergist out of the hundreds of doctors in that area of medicine he only would refer to three of them. I use to work in medical complaints so know very well that despite it meaning longer waiting times it is well worth seeing the best. You could try asking your GP who the best dermatlogists in Melbourne are, and insist on going to them.

    There are some truely terrible dermatologists in melb though, who's names i know well from my time working in medical complaints. As a rule any derm who also does plastic surgery should be avoided. I'm tossing up if i should posts names, i tend to think not but i will say that if your refered to any male derm with the intials D.L. or female derm with the intials C.W. than do a google serch of their names, because often disiplinary action from the medical board will come up. You'd be hard pressed though to find a gp who'd refer you to these derms anyway, as their reputations are very well known.
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    I can vouch for you that dr C.W is terrible. She is a careless, rude, arrogant b!#%^H! i had IPL treatment for pimples on my chin at her clinic earlier this year and she charges an arm and a leg and fobs you off to her unexperienced nursing staff who leave you blistered because they are ill-equipped to operate the equipment. Her staff hate her and over a 5 month period i saw about 10 new nursing staff enter and leave her clinic!!
    i hope people start to publicise terrible experiences with such terrible and wreckless practitioners who care none other than to make a truckload of cash from other people's misfortunes and don't give a s%#t whether their patients conditions improve. :evil:

    she is a rather hideous beast i must say! having undergone countless cosmetic procedures she's left with a rather stunned face and i suggest anyone contemplating plastic surgery should go for a free consultation to see the dramatic damage such surgery can cause!


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