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Thread: Does anyone live in Colorado?

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    Default Does anyone live in Colorado?

    Hello all (or should I say "Howdy?'...hope not)! New to this forum and newly diagnosed with Rosacea, though the red, flushed skin has been part of my life for a long time. I'm 54 and have been a blusher since I was a little girl, so never realized that the redness was anything but a normal part of being "me" until my dermatologist took a good look last January and pronounced it Rosacea, Sub-type 1. I thought, "ah, ha! No wonder it stings so badly when I blush and why the blush stays so long!" I have lived in Colorado for 30 years and love to ski, so the freeze - thaw effect of going up and down big mountains has enlarged some facial blood vessels for which I have had IPL laser treatments. I need some more treatment but my husband nearly went to an early grave over the price. We are still waiting to see what part our insurance will cover. When I have a flare, the parts of my face and neck that haven't been treated, as well as my eyes, burn so badly that I wimper around the house.
    Meanwhile, I have some nice products from La-Roche Posay; have found a compatible mineral foundation; like Clinique City Block spf 40 BUT, since I live in ultra high, ultra dry and windy Colorado, am looking for a comfortable, effective, unscented physical sunblock that I can wear outdoors.
    Has anyone tried Altopalm MLE cream under or over sunblock? Desperate to stay an outdoor girl! Would also like to enjoy wine again, but that's a tough one.
    Thanks for being here. Oldskibunny

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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    I hope you don't mind but I've moved your message to the north america setting to keep things neat and tidy. Hopefully you will someone who lives near you.

    Have you tried clinique's city block. Lot of people use this as a sun block.


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    Default just joined

    Hello, I live in Louisville, CO. I just discovered this forum and also found out that my Rosacea is causing my acne-type symptoms! I never really took my symptoms seriously, thinking I was just not eating right or that I wasn't taking good enough care of my skin. I am now getting lots of very good info from this and other forums and I am planning a plan of attack for my skin.

    I know what you mean about skiing...even with ample sun protection, I always look bright red! I haven't progressed to the burning sensation...crosses fingers....what are you trying to control the condition?

    I haven't had this treated because I am used to just always "sucking it up" and downplaying the importance of treatment...I have done that with many minor health issues. I have a very high threshold for pain and so have just lived with it...I feel as though I have had a huge veil lifted from my eyes and I am definitely planning to see a doctor and get some help for the problem.

    Anyhow...feel free to contact me!

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    Default Yes I live in Colorado

    Hi OldSkiBunny,

    I live in Golden, Colorado and I too have had Rosacea a longggg time. Although I'm not really an outdoor girl myself, living in Colorado is just plain tough sometimes because we
    are so close to the dang sun !!! (I'm not really a hick) But seriously being a mile closer or more to the sun just aggravates things more for us here. That's partly why I'm not a huge outdoor person, even though I love it outside. I'm 51 and have had Rosacea for 25+ years. I think my face isn't horrible because I don't spend gobs of time outside. Not to mention that it is dry !!!! here !!!! But can't imagine living anywhere's so pretty here. Have you managed to find yourself a good sunblock for your face yet? Have you tried anything that is made for babies as that is usually pretty gentle..... (I think this is a Rosacean face)


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