Hi everyone,

I've posted in the photos section http://forum.rosaceagroup.org/viewtopic.php?t=6056 a few pics to find out if I definately have rosacea or not. I've got so many mixed opinions from GP's and Derms that I just dont know which path to take.
I've had SD since I was about 14. I get a scaley buildup on my cheeks, nose, forehead, scalp and ears. I also get outbreaks on my chin and upper lip. Over the last couple of years I've started getting it in my nostrils too.
I've never really found a successful treatment. I've tried most SD shampoo's on my face, but my skin is far too sensitive for them and reacts badly. The only thing I find that helps is sudocrem which is zinc-based and often used for eczema. A couple of days of this gets rid of the scales but they come back a few days later.
My diet is pretty strict and has been for about a year. It basically no sugar of any kind, lots of fish, chicken and veg. As for carbs, I keep changing on this because of conflicts in the SD/rosacea diets.
The photos show the rosacea symptoms I've been getting increasingly in the past 8 months.

After reading here it confirms that SD and Rosacea go hand in hand. As I've had SD for so long I've almost got used to it, so when the rosacea symptoms appeared I started to focus everything on treating those symptoms. However, as phlika29 suggests, sorting out my SD might sort out my rosacea. What does averyone feel about this?