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Thread: Creams for broken capillaries?

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    Default Creams for broken capillaries?

    I am looking for a cream to try to treat broken capiillaries. Any suggestions? I know I can try the gentle yag but I'd rather use a cream first to see if I get any results.

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    There are no creams that can shut down capillaries. The vit. K creams do not work.

    Lasers can work if they trace the capillaries. The usual treatments with big laser spots just fade them.

    Your best bet for visible capillaries is coagulating them with electric current. The system is called 'Vascutouch'. It is much cheaper than laser and they claim they resolve capillaries on face in 1-2 treatments.

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    Creams used for hemeroids can temporarily help to diminsh the appearance of dilated capillaries. I have no idea of how good they would be for rosacea though.

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