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Thread: Topical Product Absorption (issues)

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    I'm pretty sure I have SD and Rosacea (who knows anymore...)

    One problem I;ve been running into, is that things like sunscreen and moisturizer don't rub into my skin. They seem to at first, but if I sweat or get water on my face, it just all turns white and looks like I never even tried to rub it in. Not to mention looking shiny all the time.

    Any ideas here? Help/suggestions?

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    I also have both Seb derm and rosacea and do get something similar. I think i've tried every sunscreen on the market but nothing worked on my skin. I rubs in at first but then looks all cakey and odd.

    The worst one i tried was a tinted one by ego that rubbed in at first but then seemed to soak into my seb derm so after an hour it made all the flaky skin on my face stand out a mile.

    So now i wear a hat everywhere instead and instead of moiturising i use a humidfyer!!!
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