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    Does anyone still continue to wear foundation makeup and if so, do you just use soap and water to remove or do you use a special cleanser? What foundation do you find is less irratating?

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    I use Exuviance Skin Caring Foundation, doesnt irritate me at all. I wash it off with Rosacea Cares cleanser.

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    I swear by Jane Iredale mineral makeup. I tried others but this brand works great for me. I just switch the colors when I get a bit of tan.

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    I just bought the sample set from and am happy with it so far. It is not as shiny as bare minerals, I don't have to rub my face at all to put it on, and I just use my regular cleanser to take it off. It seems to do a pretty good job of covering the redness and staying put all day. I was using Revlon's color stay lighter coverage liquid, but I am trying to get away from chemicals and animal tested products.

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