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Thread: Week 1 of RLT - my experience so far...

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    Default Week 1 of RLT - my experience so far...

    I have now been using my Red/NearIR light for 20 minutes a day for a week. I do it right after I get out of the shower, before I put on any creams and sunblock. I can tell you that I don't feel any heat from the device. What I have experienced so far is a near-immediate softening of the skin. My color is also far less after a session, though it's somewhat brief. I haven't noticed any change to overall redness, and I got it bad! How long does it usually take to see progress? As far as eye protection goes, I use tanning goggles stuffed with Kleenex. It does seem to block most light, though everytime I take the goggles off my vision is very blurred, which I'm putting down to the goggles pressing on my eye balls. It usually takes me about 30 minutes to refocus, though my right eye has been far worse than the left. I hope I can keep this up without damaging my eyes, though much of what I'm reading said NIR isn't going to damage anything. I'm probably doing more harm with the pressure on the ball.

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    Quote Originally Posted by burnt1970
    How long does it usually take to see progress?
    My skin texture etc improved 2 weeks in. Residual redness began to subside after 4 weeks or so. Reduction in severity/longevity of flushes took longer: a couple of months perhaps.

    No rules here, but my timeline is not too dissimilar to a number of others.

    Best wishes.

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