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    can anyone give me the name of a british company that sell LEDS. it seems that most people are purchasing them from the USA. If anyone has bought from a USA company did they experience any problems with product being shipped ie customs and excise etc thanks, sorry if this question has already been addressed, but sometimes the amount of info can be overwhelming and my brain begins to shut down.

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    yeah, I also ordered from the states. I know custom will penalize me about 20% of the total value. I think there won't be other problems. :evil:

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    thanks sorrow.........20 percent, thats a lot.

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    I ordered from the US, no customs charges, 2 units came to 120. I understand your concerns, I felt the same, but if you choose a company someone has recommended or purchased from on here you should have no problems.

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    I bought a unit from an american company called lightstim. It cost 90 and customs stung me for another 33. I was so peeed off.

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